Us human beings are remarkable. In many ways we bury our head in the sand and resist change as much as possible. But when forced to adapt to a new situation, we do. Most of the time we do this admirably — emerging better, smarter, stronger than when we began.

Yet despite so much evidence of our greatness, so many of us still tie ourselves in knots doubting our ability to adapt, improvise and overcome.


If the odds are that we’ll shine in any situation, why do we continue subject ourselves to this tortuous game of internal gymnastics? If we skipped that part and just got on with business would we still shine as brightly? Or is fear and doubt a necessary part of the process? Something that makes the success bit even more wondrous and joyful.

As with all my self-indulgent ramblings, I have no definitive answers. Only a challenge to myself (and to you) to feel the fear and doubt, but instead of letting it trap us in the wilderness of inaction and indecision, to recognise it as a indication of greater things to come.

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