You might not have noticed, but I’m getting a tad excited…

I’ve run marathons before. But this is a marathon that is about so much more than a marathon. It’s driven me insane. It’s driven you insane. It is insane.

But it has also been magic.

At the start I just wanted to cross that finish line knowing I’d given everything I had to give. And I thought that would involve sacrifice, determination and a commitment to sheer perfection.

Little did I realise that it would actually be about forgetting perfect. That it would be about letting go and having fun. About relaxing and marveling in the moment. About doing something for myself that actually has bought me closer to other people.

I haven’t even done the bloody race yet, and I’m already deliriously happy. Because I know that this isn’t about the race. This is about my life, and it’s already changed. For the better and forever.

Yet there is a race to be run. In a little over a week. And I feel like a coiled spring. Every cell of my being is vibrating in nervous anticipation.

I’m ready to get my amazing on. I’m ready to get my New York on.
And whatever happens, I’m bloody well ready to celebrate!

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