153 days ago I decided to run the New York marathon. I cannot believe that it is now only hours away.

I’m not sure how I’m feeling.

I’m excited. But also scared.

My mind keeps trying to give me an out. An excuse. Telling me that I should have done this or I shouldn’t have done that. That I’ve probably blown it by eating too much / sleeping too little / not giving myself enough time to acclimatise.

But the truth is I know that this is complete bullshit.

It’s an old pattern designed to stop me from getting hurt. But which actually just stops me from achieving what I really want.

And I really really want this.

So tomorrow there will be no excuses. I will bring all of me to the race. I will handle any hiccups. I will dig deep when it gets hard. And whatever my time I’m going to celebrate like crazy when I cross that finish line.

No regrets. No second guessing. No diminishing what I have already achieved. Just pride.

And here’s my commitment to you and myself…

I’m intending finish in under four hours. But if something happens (and things can happen) I will give a day of my time to charity for every minute I run over four hours.

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