Today I flew to Costa Brava in preparation for Chi Running Camp, and it has made me feel so grateful for all the things that have got me to this point.

My under appreciated body; my mind that is slowly appreciating how much abundance there is in the world; and the love and support of so many people – ie. You!

But I’m also excited about where I’m going too. I’m excited to spend this week out exploring the Catalonian countryside, breathing fresh air, enjoying beautiful sunshine and sharing good company. And most of all, just to have a chance to really relax. No worrying over work or life. No overanalysing what I’m eating or how I’m moving. Just the time and opportunity to let go.

Yes, all the little things I’ve been doing count. But I am beginning to realise that over analysing and stressing over every little thing is actually holding me back. I thought that what I was missing was discipline, but my biggest achievements have come through relaxation and enjoyment. I’m already beginning to enjoy running, and here’s an opportunity to let loose and just have fun. Find my chi. Find a why that is about more than just some marathon time.

Can’t wait to get started!

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