Today I woke to the tragic news of yet another city in mourning.

May we take from these ugly tragedies one thing…. that we each have the responsibility to put love out in to the world.

We must smile at strangers. Lend a hand to people who don’t look like us and whose lives we have little reference to understand.

We have abdicated our responsibility to our ‘so called’ leaders, who have tried propaganda and surveillance and terror and war. And so now we are left in a position worse than we started.

There is so much pain out there on every side of this problem. And it’s time for all of us to realise that we can be right, or we can be happy.

It’s time to stop ignoring and blaming and fearing, and recognise that every one of us has a place in the solution

What will it hurt us to go out and do some good in the world today?

What will it cost us if we don’t?

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